27 08 2008

Wait, we moved add/drop from 6:30 AM to 10 AM this year? Well, that takes the fun out of it. What’s more exciting than staying up all night (or in my case last year, trudging to Uris Libe at 6 AM) to try and get in the mad stampede to fix and fill schedules for the upcoming semester. The freshman need the shock and frustration of getting up early and still not being able to get a certain class, it would help them adjust better.

I certainly don’t miss the wait and confusion of JTF; however, I can’t exactly say StudentCenter does a better job, because it takes forever to load a page, but at least tells you how many slots are still available in a class. The convenience of this development is that some professors, normally those teaching smaller classes, never set a limit (technical limit is 9999), so you can plan your order of enrollment accordingly, trying to get into the classes with limited spaces first and the null limit classes at one’s own leisure. These details can be checked regardless of whether or not add/drop is underway, so my personal recommendation is to check and plan the “method of attack” before it opens at 10 AM tomorrow.

All I have to do is switch out one class for another anyway.