Eleven Years Later

19 06 2019

Just a quick note here to say thanks for reading the blog. 845,446 views and counting, with 112,347 in the past 12 months, for an average of about 308/day in the past year and 210/day over the life of the blog.

Thank you for all your thoughtful questions and the time you take to read the posts here. I hope they have been a great resource and will continue to be in times ahead.




6 responses

19 06 2019
Johanna Anderson

Congratulations! Your blog was something I signed up for during my first week on the job. Keep up the good work, I look forward to meeting you at some point in the near future. Best wishes, Johanna Anderson Executive Director INHS

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19 06 2019
A. Frost Travis

Hi Brian,

Congratulations and thanks for all that you do. All your subscribers are very lucky that your hobby is Ithaca real estate. I appreciate your objective reporting and commentary–you always report thoroughly and always present a balanced and fair point of view.

Warm regards,

Frost Travis
Travis Hyde Properties

19 06 2019

I check this blog pretty much every day for years. I very much appreciate the time and work you put in to this invaluable resource. Thank you!

19 06 2019

I believe the thanks belong to you. I’ve enjoyed this blog for over a decade now, and hope to continue to do so as long as you keep it going. Congrats on the blog’s success.

20 06 2019
Thomas M. Schickel

This is a great blog and service to the community with reliable and detailed information in a personalized format that always makes for and interesting read. Thank you!

30 06 2019
Karl Madeo

I’ll add my thanks to you, Brian. As others have mentioned, this bog is a real service to our community…and, heck, I just find it interesting to read as well.

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