News Tidbits 12/2/17: The Changing Calculus » 111_the_knoll_v2


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3 12 2017
Lynn Thommen

I think the alteration at 111 The Knoll is to what was the second house ever built on The Knoll—the 1901 home of Robert G. Allen, section director for the US Weather Bureau. It’s being called Sophia House and will be an all-female Christian interest residence. Thus, it will be the sibling to Chesterton House, the existing all-male residence, at 115 The Knoll which was built in 1909 by Eugene E. Haskell, dean of civil engineering at Cornell. With the transition of 111, The Knoll will become fully student housing.

4 12 2017
B. C.

Hi Lynn,

You are right, it will be Sophia House. It got confusing because the two homes are now being reviewed as a collective living unit. I will update the entry. Thank you!

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