Boiceville Cottages Construction Update, 7/2016

18 07 2016

Just putting up a few photos of the finished product.

20160717_122428 20160717_122440 20160717_122511 20160717_122543 20160717_122553 20160717_122649 20160717_122710 20160717_122920 20160717_123743 20160717_123948



4 responses

18 07 2016

Seems like a bizarre idea, I wonder if any have sold? Do you know?

18 07 2016
B. C.

They’re rentals. Occupancy has been very good, single-digit vacancy even this far out.

19 07 2016

Rentals! I’m sorry I haven’t gone through your earlier posts on the project … would be interested to know how much rent they’re asking? I had heard about the Tiny House movement but never imagined them as rentals.

19 07 2016
B. C.

$1095-$1675/month, depending on the unit.

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