News Tidbits 10/15/13: Ithaca’s Had Better Weeks

16 10 2013


It’s weeks like this that make me want to crawl into bed.

News piece one – The only piece of news that isn’t bad.  the Holiday Inn-turned-Hotel Ithaca will be taking a little longer than expected. Not a bad thing, just the schedule being re-arranged; the old hotel portion will be renovated in phase one (November 2013 – May 2014) and keep its 90 employees throughout the process. The conference center will now begin construction in March 2014, and the new hotel tower will start construction in May. If it keeps people employed, then I’m certainly not going to complain.

News piece number two – the Purity Ice Cream apartment project is dead, as Ithaca Builds reported yesterday. The reasons cited were “market conditions”, which I’m disinclined to believe, but then, I don’t know what numbers they’re running with. The building will still be renovated and add about 2,600 square feet of office space on the second floor, including a little rooftop terrace. You’re right IB, this is a bummer.

The latest planning board agenda suggests nothing particularly new or exciting, unless you count adding space down in big-box land.

News piece number three, four, etc – The Syracuse Post-Standard seems to be having a field day running all these crime reports from Ithaca.  The nutjob looking for his lily-white nymphs seems to be a hit with the commentariat.

So…better luck next week, I guess.



2 responses

16 10 2013

The Purity Ice Cream news is disappointing.

17 10 2013
Cornell PhD

You can add to this depressing news the fact that the Marriott project seems to be delayed for financial reasons.

Purity I’m not so upset about. A project like that didn’t belong so far away from downtown anyway and may have flopped, discouraging dense residential development elsewhere in the city.

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