News Tidbits 5/21/10: Beware of Water Mains

22 05 2010

…especially if the building it runs under sits next to the gorge. Long story short, Cornell reports that the Foundry building (the long wooden structure across the street from Sibley Hall) is off limits to everyone because the gorge is collapsing due to extreme erosion from a water main break (which probably was the result of something Milstein-related). The Ithaca Journal reports the Foundry’s edge is within ten feet of the gorge’s edge at the present time. Civil engineers are working to stabilize the building and gorge. According to facilities, the 11,000 sq. ft building was designed by Prof. Charles Babcock and built in 1883, and is used as studio space for fine arts students. In contrast, the AAP website says it was originally built in the 1860s as a blacksmith shop, and was incorporated into the Sibley School of Mechanical Engineering by 1890. According to the AAP department’s website, the interior houses sculpture work space and a bronze-casting facility.

From the AAP website



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