Munier’s Blog Review

14 05 2010

To be perfectly honest, I was sincerely flattered when he first emailed me asking if we could meet and do an interview for the article. I’ve actually known Munier since freshman year so it really wasn’t awkward at all. Munier very quickly noted that I was the person who wrote this blog, and posted it on my facebook page (which I very promptly deleted). That was maybe a month or so after I started writing.

One of the first things Munier asked was if I wanted to include my name. It’s kinda peculiar, I suppose. I don’t really discuss the blog in person, and I’ve learned the hard way that what you write can bring a lot of negative attention if it comes across the wrong way. I said no thanks. Munier then pointed out the bald truth – most people who read the blog are aware that I’m the one who writes it. My response was that I preferred that it was implicitly acknowledged.

Regarding the whole Slope Media thing, I really don’t take them seriously. The one thing I’ll always remember about Slope Media is this one egocentric article I read in their magazine a year or so ago. It was about all the tools at Cornell. Namely, the collar-popping, board-short wearing tools. Then I noticed the author’s name, a guy who I worked with in labs during freshman year. He was from a Greek house notorious for fitting the very stereotype he was mocking. He acts exactly as those he criticizes. It remains the biggest case of personal hypocrisy I’ve been during my time at Cornell.

Going back to Munier’s review, it’s given a new-found appreciation for the word “sumptuous”. The damnedest thing is, when that was published I was paranoid of one of my friends coming up to me and make a big deal out of it, which I would’ve hated. I managed to avoid that, and it gets even better. On Slope Day, one of the freshmen in my fraternity started drunkenly talking to one of our fraternity brothers who is a senior in CALS (a pledgebrother of mine in AEM), and he was absolutely convinced that this guy wrote the blog. I’m standing five feet away, coughing into my drink in surprise.  Some wonders never cease.

Lastly comes the subject of continuing this blog after graduation. Munier brought it up, and it’s not the first time this has crossed my mind. I think that some of the things I write about are never-ending, like the construction. However, comments on campus news will be curtailed considerably. I’ll be in grad school and my concerns will lie elsewhere. So, I think this blog will keep running, but on a decreased capacity. For how long exactly, I don’t know. I’ll quit when I feel like it.



One response

18 05 2010

I’ve enjoyed reading your blog this year. I hope you keep it going.

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