Money and Morons

13 01 2010

So, I’ll be on a little hiatus for the next several days as I will be attending a conference, but I figured I’d share two conversations I had recently.

The first was with a friend of mine whose job involves educating student athletes on how to conduct phone fundraising. I asked her how they were doing.

“Well, they only have like a couple days each to do it, but ladies hockey is only a thousand dollars from their goal so they’ll probably make it. The guys team wouldn’t have come close to their goal if some guy didn’t pledge $15,000.”

“Wait, someone pledged a $15,000 donation over the phone?”

“Yeah, I think it was one of the largest single donations the phoneathon has ever received.”

EDIT: The best part was when I found out this evening from that same person that the men’s hockey team raised over $55,000 in two days. Of course, half of them became ill, but still, that’s a lot of money.

Someone definitely has some money to give away this recession. It could be that he really likes Cornell men’s hockey, or in light of recent news, he could be trying to buy someone’s enrollment.

Conversation number two was with a friend who is a member of an IFC fraternity. I asked if he was looking forward to rush.

Eh, whatever happens happens. We have a few guys we know are coming back for us, but we’ll see how it goes. It doesn’t help that one of our sophomore guys got drunk and punched this one freshman in the face because he thought he was annoying.”

On that note, physcical assault of freshmen is not the best way to recruit. Like last year, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t come back to find out someone set my fraternity’s house on fire or sent rushees to the hospital.



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