Best Map of Collegetown Ever.

10 09 2009

The map was a project of an alumnus, Ryan Gomez ’09. I dare say it’s one of the best maps I’ve ever seen of Collegetown, not only because it’s a visually appealing map, but also because it covers the history of many of the addresses in the neighborhood, not to mention worthy Cornelliana.

This map deserves a look:

Mr. Gomez, you’ve earned my respect and admiration.



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10 09 2009

What a treat this map is. I love seeing the old hood where I grew up. Some interesting info too. I’d like to add a few items of my own. I was born in the S. Quarry st hospital. As a kid we use to steal empty beer bottles from the Alt Heidelberg and turn them in for money to Gus the Grocer (good times). I also use to hang out in while in high school at a Sunoco gas station where Eddygate apartments are now located. I went to school with the guy who was killed on Dryden Rd. And there use to be a 4 lane bowling alley in the basement of 420 Eddy St, with a pin boy resetting the pins (no auto-machine pinsetters). Thanks for sharing your find.

20 06 2010

Hi! I created that map over my last semester in Ithaca, from January to April or so, 2009. Living at Cornell, it’s easy to see that groups of people chose to live together for various reasons. I postulated that the same happened in 1969, my point of reference for the map. It was a pleasure spending afternoons cross referencing yearbooks, phone books and Daily Sun articles to see if patterns emerged. I also received a lot of guidance from Councilwoman Mary Tomlan to get this map done. While I wanted to sell the map, I was back in Washington D.C. before I knew it and hope the map will stand as historical record.

I was notified today that you featured the map on your blog and I want to thank you for your very kind words. I want to contact you to talk about my map more but can’t find your e-mail anywhere on your blog. When I contacted Mr. Matt Nagowski of he sent me some data to make for a pair of infographics. Likewise, it would be a pleasure to hear from you at

3 09 2020

In 1955-1957 I worked as the bar tender manager of Leonardo at 422 Eddy Street…next door to the bowling alley.. While called a restaurant, Leonardo’s was really a bar with very little food. They had a kitchen but was seldom used .It was a locals and college bar.. Had many regulars!! The manager of the bowling alley came in several time a night for a shot and a beer ! We would set up two of each for him at 12:55 just before closing. he would come in and pay and savor his drinks . Fun time and found memories there !! Joann owned the bar and gave us a free hand to run it.

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