Off Topic: The Keyword Bar

3 08 2008

So, one of the nice little extras included with WordPress is that they offer you a glance at what searches, googled or otherwise, brought up an entry from a blog. So, I find it a source of some amusement to see the search items people uses to find Ithacating in Cornell Heights.  

~Some of the entries are questions; for some unknown, and ultimately fruitless, reason, these are usually questions from pre-frosh concerning rooms:

“pictures doubles donlon”, “floor plan of clara dickson hall cornell”, “balch hall holes in walls”, etc.

I’m not sneaking into freshman dorms just to take photos, mind you. I’m a little sketchy, but not enough to do that.

~Also popular searches seem to be “cornell” and construction is some form. for example:

“cornell milstein hall”, “milstein hall cornell to be completed”, “gates hall cornell”, “corten architecture”, “cornell construction projects university”, “cornell does keeton have a dining hall”, etc.

To answer the last one, that is in fact a yes.

~Since I like to delve into the Greek System and it’s history, many of the searches are named of fraternities and sororities. But then there’s some eyebrow-raising ones:

“powerful, historical fraternities”, “dos and don’t of the alpha sigma phi”, “psi upsilon cornell kicked off campus” “homosexual ___ ___ ___”, etc…

The homosexual one seemed to be an attempt to find where there were gay men at certain Cornell fraternities. An interesting idea, but one that violates the privacy of others, and therefore not subject to this blog. I edited out the names out of respect.

~Lastly, and maybe the one that makes me squirm a little: “ithacating in cornell heights” seems to be coming up a fair amount. It’s odd to see people actually seeking this blog out.



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